Another important partnership that we want to announce as part of the Ariaal launch is Business Laboratory. George Danner and his crew are elite business scientists out of Houston, Texas.

Business Laboratory is where you go if you have an important and complex business problem, but don't quite yet know how to get your arms around it. Their methodology not only includes the latest in simulation, modeling, and predictive analytics technology, but also a special approach for applying the scientific method to challenging business problems.

We collaborate with Business Laboratory whenever a client is stuck on a problem, and needs help clarifying ideas, validating a technical approach, and making the early breakthroughs. Sometimes you don't even know what the real problem is until you start thinking about it systematically.

Business Laboratory's founder, George Danner, also traces his lineage back to the Santa Fe complexity science scene. He is unique in his ability to straddle the worlds of senior business leaders and advanced analytics technology. Very few people live in both those worlds, and there's a lot of value to gain from facilitating the exchange of ideas. George designed Business Laboratory as a catalyst to accelerate the generation of business value from science and technology.