For anyone wondering why the Ariaal in Action blog has been quiet for a while, it’s because we’ve been working busily behind the scenes on something big. We’re now ready to unveil the result of nearly two years of intensive product development: PDQdecide.

PDQdecide is a new product for upstream energy, designed from scratch to be the first truly off-the-shelf software for petroleum reserves reporting and capital portfolio optimization. We developed PDQdecide together with PetroLucid, Ltd, a Canadian company specializing in reserves management technology. We are taking PDQdecide to market together as PDQ Decisions, LLC, a joint venture between PetroLucid and Ariaal.

For the full scoop, see the PDQ Decisions blog Between ASAP and NOW. (Get it?  ASAP < PDQ < NOW.) We know that our users get all sorts of high pressure and last minute requests for reports that will end up in front of C-suite executives and the board. Those requests are often phrased “as soon as possible”, but what that really means is “we need it right now!”. PDQdecisions is all about helping reserves analysts and capital planners get it right, and get it fast.

The journey to this point with PetroLucid has been tremendously rewarding. Now, we’re excited to engage with the people who give us the most energy: our end users and customers. Go to for more information, and subscribe to the PDQ blog to stay up to date.